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​Music educators may nominate students to receive an award in recognition of their musicianship, scholarship, leadership and service to their schools. One student for each program - -choral, band, orchestra, and jazz can be nominated. Each recipient will receive a certificate suitable for framing and a gold lapel pin that can be presented at a final school concert or awards ceremony.


Help us feature award recipients on social media and our website by including a senior photo of your nominee. Let's celebrate their achievement!


CIVIC MUSIC MKE has offered the High School Awards Program since 1927.  Music Educators, recognize an exceptional student with the CIVIC MUSIC High School Award!  

Nomination Form

Attach one or more letter(s) of supporting this nominee, in particular to addressing the qualities defined in the award description. Multiple letters of support may be submitted and will be helpful in decision making. Upon receipt of this form, the nominee will be notified of the nomination and asked to submit a resume and/or biography to us. It will be helpful if your letter includes information such as significant career and community achievements that you are aware of that would not normally be included in their resume or bio as well as personal testimonial.

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CIVIC MUSIC MKE supports music education and provides performance

opportunities to young musicians in the Greater Milwaukee area. 

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