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Do I need an accompanist?

You are expected to perform with an accompanist (unless the piece is meant to be unaccompanied) and must provide your own. It will present your best performance to the judges.



Should I rehearse with my accompanist before the audition?

Absolutely!  This competition is based on your performance that day.  And your presentation will be a collaborative effort. (Unless, of course, your piece is unaccompanied.)  Being well prepared will give you the best advantage for a great performance!



Am I able to enter the competition with two different instruments or an instrument

and voice?

If you feel that you can represent yourself well on two, you may enter on two instruments or as both an instrumentalist and a vocalist.


I have other commitments on Audition Day.  Am I able to ask for a certain time for my audition?

You are free to make a special request on your application. We will do our best to honor it. We suggest that if you have a scheduling concern, submit your application before the deadline.  And make sure to keep your accompanist in the loop with all your plans!



If I am invited to perform on the Showcase Recital and cannot perform because of other commitments, do I still receive the honorarium?

No.  You must perform in the recital to receive the honorarium.



If you still have a question, please feel free to contact us at info@civicmusicmilwaukee.org.