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The most Frequently Asked Question for 2021 is...

Would a recorded accompaniment be possible, or do I need to find an accompanist to collaborate with live?

Understandable question, indeed! Here is how we have been replying to that question:

“You could play with a recorded accompaniment if that is the best that you can put together during this pandemic year. Knowing that is not ideal for tempi, rubati, general musical communication, etc., we would hope that you would be able to work with someone in person - - they could wear a mask and you could stand 6 foot from them. That will always be your better performance and your better performance is what you want to present here.  But you need to feel safe, so if a recorded accompaniment what you need to do, you should audition with that. “ 

And another Frequently Asked Question is...

Because I am taking online lessons, how can I get my teacher's signature for my application?

If you will not be seeing your teacher in person, just ask them to send a simple email to info@civicmusicmilwaukee.org noting your name and their approval.  

If you have other questions, please send them to info@civicmusicmilwaukee.org