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Who We Are


Our Mission:

CIVIC MUSIC MKE supports music education and provides performance opportunities for young musicians in the five county greater Milwaukee area.


Our Vision:

Igniting a child's potential by nurturing the passion for making music. 


Participating instrumentalists and vocalists take part in a variety of unique opportunities to refine their skills and grow as a musician through private lessons, auditions, workshops, competition, and performance. Last year, CIVIC MUSIC directly served over 150 young musicians and their teachers in our community. More than 95% of our programming involves students 18 years old or younger.

The value of arts education in promoting high achievement in all academic areas is well documented, but the need for serious music students to develop their skills through live performance before an audience, and to gain poise through solo audition and competition is often overlooked. CIVIC MUSIC encourages talented young musicians to pursue the next level of musicianship by providing unique performance opportunities and recognition of their accomplishments at a critical time in their growth and development. The Private Lesson Program gives young musicians the opportunity to study music privately to accelerate their growth. Through our High School Competition and Showcase Recital, and High School Awards programs, high school students receive further training, performance opportunities, support, and recognition.

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