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Showcase Recital Performances Young Artist Scholarships

A total of $4,000 will be awarded in performance opportunities and scholarships to

the top musicians. 

Lee Guse Memorial Jazz Scholarship

A total of $1,000 will be awarded in performance opportunity and scholarship to

the top jazz musician. 


Eligibility:    Open to high school vocal and instrumental students in grades 10-12 who 

                 live in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha, Washington or Racine County       

                 performing at or above WSMA Class A level. While your piece must be at    

                 or above this level, it need not be on their actual list. Those who have received

                 a Young Artist Scholarship in two consecutive years will be ineligible for a third

                 scholarship but remain eligible to perform on the Showcase Recital is selected.       

Repertoire:   Classical Instrumentalists: one piece or one movement of a multi-movement piece.

                 Classical Vocalists: two contrasting classical pieces; one in English and one in another                     language.  A musical theater piece may be substituted in for the piece in English.

                 (Click here for definitions of "classical" and "musical theater" applicable here.)

                 Jazz Applicants: one ballad, one up-tempo rhythm changes tune and Elllington's

                 "C Jam Blues" - - instrumentalists play the head and improvise to the chord changes;

                 and vocalists sing the head with the text and then scat. (Click here for list of tunes.)

Accompanist: Applicants are expected to perform with an accompanist and must provide    

                 their own (unless the piece is meant to be unaccompanied).

Attire:         Suitable performance attire. (No jeans, shorts or athletic shoes, please.)


How to Apply:  See the application form below

Application Due: December 15, 2021

Application Fee: $35.00 per audition (non-refundable)

High School Competition 2021-22 Application Form

Applicant Information

Choose All That Apply:

Audition Information

IMPORTANT: Complete the formal title of the piece(s) and composer name(s) accurately as they appear in the music. This information will be used in the High School Showcase Recital program if you are selected. 

I am available to perform on the Showcase Recital, Date TBD.

Please check back to repertoire requirements for more information. Click Here for JAZZ REPERTOIRE REQUIREMENTS

Music Theory Proficiency:

Audition Day Activities

in attending and would like to pre-register for the following class(es)/workshop(s):

The popularity of a workshop may determine if it is provided this year.

Accompanist Information

Teacher's Information

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